I Wont Send Roses – Mack Sennett

I Wont Send Roses

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I Wont Send Roses


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I won’t send roses
or hold the door.

I won’t remember
which dress you wore.

My heart is too much in control,
the lack of romance in my soul

will turn you gray, kid,
so stay away, kid.

Forget my shoulder
when you’re in need.

Forgetting birthdays
is guaranteed.

And should I love you,
you would be the last to know.

I won’t send roses
and roses suit you so.

My pace is frantic,
my temper’s cross.

With words romantic,
I’m at a loss.

I’d be the first one to agree
that I’m preoccupied with me.

And it’s inbred, kid,
so keep your head, kid.

In me you’ll find things
like guts and nerve,

but not the kind things
that you deserve.

And so while there’s a fighting chance,
just turn and go.

I won’t send roses
and roses suit you so.

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